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Tips To Designing Like a Pro!

white living room setting

Designing any space requires inspiration and originality – well your home is like a palette on which you can describe you life story. And when you invest your money on objects in your home like a piece of artwork, rug, table, sofa or lamp… you’re picking pieces that can go with you as you move from home to home mapping the story of your life. You’re taking those little pieces of history with you. At Santa Barbara Design Center we have the building blocks that can help you be inspired and to create your dream space.

white easel canvas
Your home is your Canvas…

What are the rooms going to be used for – bedroom, family, communal space is it part bar, part lounge, and/or part library… All these factor in on the flow of the space.   After that is chosen you can choose your colors.   Color is a powerful tool and has the ability to evoke moods that set the tone of any space. Show off and be an expert with the use of contrasting colors like Grey with yellow accents, pink and orange, or subtler blues with soft whites… Benjamin Moore has wonderful colors to choose for any piece, wall or floor! Check out the new colors for next year at Vista Paint.

white on wood floors and beamed Ceilings!
White on white with wood accents or the other way around!

(Introducing Color of the Year 2016, Simply White (OC-117), and Color Trends 2016. White is transcendent, timeless, its versatility unrivaled. Explore a colorful palette that celebrates the simplicity of white).

Be brave and mix patterns and textures to create the environment that feels as eclectic as you are! I find that interiors that play with color, textures and geometric shapes add to the richness and character of the rooms. You don’t have to go to far off the beaten path – fabrics, wall – floor coverings and furniture need to have a common thread… and it’s usually a color that ties them all together but its your personality that makes them feel like home so add a touch of you as you decorate. Paint is the easiest way to transform any space or mix different metals and use different aesthetics! But don’t forget to have fun!

Accent Wall Colors
Bold white walls with accent orange! Be Brave!

You are cook in your kitchen and can make your design selection an infusion of sophistication, whimsical-ness, or if it’s your thing to for sustainable then that reclaimed wooded piece will be the cornerstone of the room… The Palette is wide open.   Rooms can feel just as warm as they do sophisticated even if they are wonderfully rural. Push yourself creatively to use raw and organic materials, and to juxtapose the modern architecture with antique oddities – at Santa Barbara Design Center we have it all under one roof.